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Hi, I’m Kate, mum to two little girls, J and A and wife to M, second mummy to cat Dini (short for Houdini – started off as a nickname for a kitten who could escape out of any box, name stuck). I’m a Work At Home Mum (WAHM) 🙂 trying to juggle a business with raising two under the age of five, anyone who thinks being a WAHM is easier than going out to work – come stay with me for a week, I dare you! Lol! 😀

Unfortunately, I’ve had M.E. since I was 19 years old which affects my mobility and concentration and everything else in between. Would like to be able to sleep all day but that’s not an option when you’re a mum, so instead I cope the best way I can and do just what I am able to while the girls are at school/nursery – sometimes that involves going back to bed for a nap, mostly I just try and make products or update my website/facebook pages.

I am lucky enough to live in Cornwall, in the south west of England.  I live near a tidal river (which leads to the sea :D) goal is one day to actually have a house by the sea – you’ve got to dream right? I’m lucky in that wherever I am in Cornwall I am never more than 30 miles from the nearest beach or more than one hour from a city 😀 So I get the best of both worlds, the hustle and bustle of the city with the High Street shops, and the quaint surrounding villages and towns with their craft shops and niknaks that follow the coastline around Cornwall.  Plus, even though I have lived here for over 30 years, there are still areas here that I have never visited – so always new places to explore to bring me more inspiration in my work 😀

I mainly sew, but I also love to design new things. Mainly fabric, by hand dyeing cotton and bamboo fabric in an array of colours that reflect from the environment I live in; turquoises and blues from the sea and rich rainbows of colour from the hedgerows throughout the year. I also block print the fabric to make it even more unique, then either make items from this fabric, or sell it by the fat quarter for others to feed their creativity 🙂 (and bring a little cornish magick into their world :D).

Hand dyed clothes for all ages

Hand dyed clothes for all ages

I am also a Hedgewitch 😀 no, I don’t have a broomstick and fly over my neighbours on Halloween 😉 (but that would be fun!), I go to my local hedgerows and collect herbs and berries and make herbal remedies and other concoctions to help others take charge of their own healing 🙂 I am actually training to be a herbalist so that I can legally treat people 😀 but for now I am an aromatherapist (fully trained, qualified and insured) so I help to create aromatic blends to help with anything from muscle aches and pains, to stress relief (especially during school holidays!).  I honour the seasons in the way hedgewitches do, but I am a solitary witch – I don’t belong to a coven, nor do I feel I need to.  But I do bless my house occasionally – and I have cast the odd spell 😀 I commune with angels and faeries and it was the faeries that gave me the inspiration to blog in the first place 🙂

So, if you have read this far and don’t think I am a nutjob (or even if you do, I don’t mind!) then please check out my posts on how to be a mother and a mumpreneur/hedgewitch, or check out my facebook page for all my creative items to purchase – you may even be surprised to find the perfect gift for someone 😀 or maybe you would just prefer to share my page with someone who you think would benefit from a little Cornish Fae & Pixie Dust 😀


Kate x


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