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This week I was sorting out my craft room (for the first time in two years – oops!) and I came across something that was very dear to me.  It brought back memories of a simpler time when all I had to worry about was … well… nothing really, I was only a child.  I found my Grandmother’s amber pendant on a gold chain that she often wore and the moment I held it I instantly remembered sitting on her lap around the age of five and holding it in my hand in that moment.  It was always my favourite piece of jewellery that she wore, I just loved the warm golden colour and the fact that it had no back on it so you could see right through the semi-precious stone.  I had always hoped then, that one day the pendant would be mine and when my beloved Granny passed away my mother gave it to me along with some other jewellery that Granny wore too.

So, as I sat in my craftroom holding this pendant and reminiscing, I suddenly realise that this was one of my precious things growing up, and here I am 22 years after my Granny died holding not only the pendant but also realising that I named my youngest daughter Amber too – maybe Granny sent her to me because I loved the pendant so much.  My daughter has the gentle nature of my Granny, she is kind and considerate and loves nature – flowers and insects and birds, just like my Granny did, and she has the peacefulness around her like my Granny did too (though she also has her fair share of stubbornness too! :D).

I think back to the smell of my Granny, of lavender and peardrops, of sitting on her lap as a child and plucking the fluff from her cardigan to tickle my nose (a habit I still on occasion find myself doing without realising! :D) and I realise how much I miss her.  How I miss her wisdom of nature around us, how she would know instantly what the name of a flower was or the name of a garden bird that visited the lawn outside the kitchen window. And I regret that I never spent more time with her growing up before I left school, before she died the year I turned 16, and only ten days before her birthday.

But I see her smile in my daughter Amber’s eyes, and her calmness and maturity in Amber’s essence, and I know that Granny is never really that far away from me, and with me whenever I wear the amber pendant – and one day I will pass the pendant on and my memories of her for the next generation to create new memories of a treasured possession.

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Halfway There

I’m sitting here in my lounge trying to grab a few moments of peace whilst my girls are playing in the garden.  We are halfway through the summer holidays and I’m feeling a little frazzled to say the least.

WHY do children have to shout in order to talk to each other? It seems that either their inner hearing device is on low volume permanently (‘Turn your ears on J!’ is a frequent statement in our house) or they just assume that everyone else within a one metre radius is tone deaf. (I feel we are going that way…)

Then when they aren’t shouting they are literally screaming at the top of their voice!! It is enough to drive a parent insane, and right now I would just like to hide away in a tree somewhere – preferably one they haven’t learnt how to climb.

I keep telling myself ‘Only three weeks to go, just three more weeks until they go back to school.’ Surely I’m not the only parent that feels like this? Just to have a few hours a day with NO TV! (Bliss!), a few hours where the door isn’t constantly being banged shut, or open.  Where I can actually have a snack without a child saying ‘Mummy, I’m HUNGRY!’ even though they have been eating non stop since 8am and it’s only just 11am. Or one moment where one of them doesn’t come running into the house crying, ‘Mummy! J/A hit me!’ (Sigh)

Anyone who says ‘Make the most of it, they don’t stay little forever!’ either has never had children, or has completely forgotten what it was like to have two or more children under the age of five. If they did remember, they would just nod sympathetically and gently say, ‘it does get easier.’ Ooh, I’m looking forward to that day 🙂

Peace is shattered, as A has come in pleading with me for a drink. ‘Pleeaasse! Please Mummy I want a drink, please Mummy, please!’ At least she remembered her manners this time, usually it’s ‘I want a drink NOW!’ a look from me is all it takes for the manners to miraculously appear – LOL!

Halfway there 🙂


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